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Ideas Ideas and more Ideas

It’s amazing how everything is falling into place as we take this leap.  The hardest part so far has luckily not been paperwork or any of the “legalities”.  The hardest part is deciding which ideas rolling around in my head are the best to start with.

I love everything baby… but I struggle so much every time I walk through Target or any of the other big box stores at the quality and originality of the products for sale.  Play Mats for example are so generic and gender specific.  Not to mention expensive!  $60+ for a mat made out of cheap generic fabric and a few little toys including a “mirror” fit for a county fair mirror house.  Bedding is also such a disappointment.  Again, cheap fabric that are either very gender specific or are just blah.  Then it never fails that when you are at a mommy and me group or just walking through a store you notice that it seems every child has the exact same toys, same clothes, blankets etc.  :/  For some reason seeing your little squishy dressed the same as another baby illicit a feeling worse than walking into prom dressed the same as one of your peers.

Now I know most of these things we do not NEED for our little squishies but as a first time Mom I 11896288_10153263347356185_3889451272441878121_oknow how you want to give your child the best of everything possible.  This is where my head starts spinning out ideas of things that I want to improve upon for my daughter and other tiny little humans out there… even if those things will at some point likely be covered in poo a time or two 🙂  So what is the first thing I know I want to do better?  Blankets!!  I put them on her naked skin, use them to wipe spit up off her face ALL day and night long, keep her warm, comfort her and play peek-a-boo.  Yet, I have no idea where most of this fabric came from and even after washing do I trust the chemicals that were used to make it?  … No.  Combine that with the limited selection and I have a stack of blankets I don’t trust that look like every other blanket that my friends have and BLAM… product line is in the works.  Organic, unique blankets that you are not going to find yourself asking other mom’s “is this mine or yours” when you see it and you wont second guess putting it to your little one’s skin!

Fabric Shopping we go… SO MUCH FUN!


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