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Duck Butt Designs Pattern Testing- Whipp and PPT

12633749_10153534759081185_1158690182310935803_oOf all the people I test for I have to say hands down Duck Butt Designs are the most fun!  Even the process of signing up to test has me laughing.  Then it never fails she always seems to have a great group of ladies that are so helpful and encouraging!  Duck Butt Designs also puts together some of the BEST tutorials as well as pattern layouts with layers to make it so easy to print, assemble and sew up.

12604757_10153543065491185_5284735140198452712_oThis was my first testing of a Ladies pattern and I will say it was a bit daunting.  I really had to get over my new mommy body issues and say hey… so what if you were a size 4… you are a size 12 now.  Perhaps because your heart tripled in size the day I met her!! … Yeah that’s the ticket as Jon Lovits would say. 12604932_10153543064801185_6840796270779742462_o

When all was said and done I got to bust into one of my favorite fabrics that I had been hording and make a matching mommy and me set for Toots and I.  I will say this is not a pattern for the beginner and I still have some stitching to work out to get the seams to sit as flat as I want them to for my customers!  The Curved Hem is also a bit tricky but hey in the end it is a nice addition for the curvy shirt!


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Max & Meena Pattern Testing- Pick a Pocket Romper

As I have mentioned Max & Meena is one of my 12376595_10153507614411185_5779686498713080562_nfavorite pattern makers to work with.  Her patterns are some of my customers favorite products.  After all the All Ears Hoodies and the Maxaloones are my top requested custom items!!!

I was once again lucky enough to be a tester for one of her rompers!  Sadly for me I must admit Murphy and his evil laws bit me on this testing phase and I didn’t get to fully enjoy this pattern testing round like I normally do.  However, now that testing has been finalized and we all rocked out the sizing I am excited to make some more rompers for Toots as well as for customer orders.

I have a few different Rompers I offer.  The lap neck on this version makes a nice alternative to having to use snaps or zippers since you can just pull it up and off!!  There are several options for this pattern as well:

  • Short and Long Sleeves
  • Bum Circle (cute and extra room for cloth diapered bums)
  • Shorts or Full Length Pants
  • Half Circle Kangaroo Pockets, Front Pouch Pocket, Cargo Pockets, Sleeve or Chest Pockets
  • Optional Leg Snaps

I must say my favorite thing to do with this romper so far is use some of daddy’s old t-shirts!!

12654298_10153562529051185_8208706680461303530_n 12650851_10153548666886185_4819000500033100167_n

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Max & Meena Pattern Testing- Maritime Dress

As a fairly dusty seamstress it has been so amazing to stop and think about the work that goes into a handmade piece of clothing.  But then after you start Maritime Dress Drop Waisttrying to tweak a pattern and you realize how utterly amazingly talented the pattern makers are as well.

When I saw that one of my favorite pattern makers was asking for testers I of course jumped at the opportunity.  As soon as I got the email invite to the tester group I felt like I just got asked to sit at the cool kids table… and those cool kids were all super secret spies!

Being a tester for a few different pattern makers now I must say anyone selected by Max & Meena are LUCKY!  She is patient, friendly, intelligent, helpful and also does a great job of providing well outlined patterns with easy to use layers to make printing and assembly.  I guess I am a pattern layer snob now.  When I order a pattern and it doesn’t have layers I cry a little inside while I am printing it all out.  Max & Meena saved me some tears on this one!

This pattern allows me to offer my customers some really cute options for there little girls:

  • Drop Waist or Empire Waist
  • Sleeveless, Short Sleeve, 3/4 Sleeve and Long Sleeve
  • Pockets on the Front and/or Sleeves

It is fun to look back on how this pattern has progressed to get the right fit!

12509246_10153500628286185_8469953977984963845_n 10364059_10153500628346185_3844139164436492695_n 1915644_10153508030856185_1968679528359138104_n12541084_10153508030776185_4327557223195940709_n 12549025_10153508031071185_1893540187335123886_n 12507389_10153508030941185_1965567986662306684_n

I can’t wait to make more and more of these fun dresses for my customers and the little ladies in their lives!


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Ideas Ideas and more Ideas

It’s amazing how everything is falling into place as we take this leap.  The hardest part so far has luckily not been paperwork or any of the “legalities”.  The hardest part is deciding which ideas rolling around in my head are the best to start with.

I love everything baby… but I struggle so much every time I walk through Target or any of the other big box stores at the quality and originality of the products for sale.  Play Mats for example are so generic and gender specific.  Not to mention expensive!  $60+ for a mat made out of cheap generic fabric and a few little toys including a “mirror” fit for a county fair mirror house.  Bedding is also such a disappointment.  Again, cheap fabric that are either very gender specific or are just blah.  Then it never fails that when you are at a mommy and me group or just walking through a store you notice that it seems every child has the exact same toys, same clothes, blankets etc.  :/  For some reason seeing your little squishy dressed the same as another baby illicit a feeling worse than walking into prom dressed the same as one of your peers.

Now I know most of these things we do not NEED for our little squishies but as a first time Mom I 11896288_10153263347356185_3889451272441878121_oknow how you want to give your child the best of everything possible.  This is where my head starts spinning out ideas of things that I want to improve upon for my daughter and other tiny little humans out there… even if those things will at some point likely be covered in poo a time or two 🙂  So what is the first thing I know I want to do better?  Blankets!!  I put them on her naked skin, use them to wipe spit up off her face ALL day and night long, keep her warm, comfort her and play peek-a-boo.  Yet, I have no idea where most of this fabric came from and even after washing do I trust the chemicals that were used to make it?  … No.  Combine that with the limited selection and I have a stack of blankets I don’t trust that look like every other blanket that my friends have and BLAM… product line is in the works.  Organic, unique blankets that you are not going to find yourself asking other mom’s “is this mine or yours” when you see it and you wont second guess putting it to your little one’s skin!

Fabric Shopping we go… SO MUCH FUN!

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It started with a toot!

Don’t blink they say… it will all be over so quickly… man oh man that is sooooo true!

As much as I want to go off on a tangent about how the US Government could do a much better job when it comes to Maternity time I wont.

It seems like it was just yesterday (insert an old man’s voice here) when we were sitting in the hospital.  Yet my Maternity leave was already over?!?!  6 weeks off is what short term disability covered.  2 of those weeks were a waiting period.  So now comes the choice of staying home for another 6 weeks unpaid or go back to work. 🙁  I spent many many hours crying my eyes out at this
stage… I mean I knew it was going to be hard.  But I had no idea HOW HARD it was going to be when it came down to it.  This little human relies on me for everything in her life at this stage from diaper changes to boobyjuice to warmth and shelter.  Now I know there are great people in the daycare systems… but it isn’t “mom and dad” at the end of the day.  Combine that with the mommy fear of not wanting to miss any of the firsts and you get a mom thinking of any and every way that she can stay home full time.

Full time may not be an option for us right now financially but it is my goal for sure!  So with the help and encouragement of my
amazing mother in law I decided to take the leap into making some of my passions for all things baby a reality I can share with other moms out there.  But what do you call such a fun business?  Well it all started with a toot…  As I was sitting there with my mother in law dreaming up ideas the little lady in my arms let a grown man sized toot out.  From the giggle that we both responded with I knew we were onto something.  And from there Tickles and Toots was born!!!!